Constitution and By Laws

Nominations to the
MRJ Executive Council

Article IX Sec.6(C)

At least 60 days before the first session of each convention each affiliate shall have the right to recommend in writing or electronically, to the Nominating Committee, candidates for nomination as elected members of the EC and officers.  as provided in Article IX Section 6C.  

Recommendations for nomination to the MRJ Executive Council may be submitted to Include the persons contact information and a short bio supporting their nomination.

MRJ Nominating Committee:

  • Ira Warshawsky – Chair
  • Buzz Deitchman
  • Rob Himmelstein
  • Jeff Levine
  • Jeff Light
  • Charlie Niederman
  • Dave Oney
  • Larry Pepper
  • Tom Weiner



Name Position
Steven Portnoy President
Rob Himmelstein 1st Vice President
Paul Cohen Vice President/Treasurer
Larry Pepper Vice President/Secretary 
Buzz Deitchman Vice President
Stephen Sherman Vice President
Dan Checkman Assistant Treasurer
Charlie Niederman Assistant Secretary
Ken Moshkowitz Assistant Treasurer
Tom Weiner

Honorary President



Tony Perry Stuart Leviton
Aaron Bloom Brian Serle
Michael Fein Alan Moskoff
Andy Chait Ken Moskowitz
Dan Checkman Charlie Niederman
Paul Cohen Larry Pepper
Buzz Deitchman Steven Portnoy
Ken Keenan  
Howard Bellet David Schuster
Harvey Harris John Shalett
Brian Hatkoff Stephen Sherman
Rob Himmelstein Irving Shnaider
Robert Ingrum Ira Warshawsky
Michael Kaplan Tom Wiener
Gary Brock