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MRJ Today: Past the Curb, Beyond the Parking Lot

This conference is designed to help Brotherhoods, Men's Clubs and all who wish to help themselves by learning what good leaders need to know. Whether it's succession planning, negotiating possible political divides, the realities of being Jewish on a college campus, and what unites us. Affiliated, or not, you are most welcome to attend. We hope to help you answer the question "With whom shall I help repair the world?"

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MRJ Award Application: https://bit.ly/2FedBwi
And, of course, practical lessons to take home.

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What's New?

President Portnoy appoints Larry Pepper, Esq.
to represent MRJ on the RAC's Amicus Committee.

Serving on the Commission for Social Action (CSA)
Representing MRJ: Steven Portnoy, Robert Himmelstein,
Robert Ingrum and Thomas Wiener.

Jewish Men Speak Out About Injustice In Israel
MRJ and FJMC make a statement at the 
Israeli Embassy

MRJ joins 54 other Jewish Organizations
opposing changes to the Johnson Amendment

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