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Our December webinar guest was Rabbi David Saperstein


Our webinar on 12/21 - "The Election from a Jewish Perspective" featuring Rabbi David Saperstein. Rabbi Saperstein was designated by Newsweek Magazine as the most influential rabbi in America and by the Washington Post as the “quintessential religious lobbyist on Capitol Hill,” for over two years (2015-2017), Rabbi Saperstein, appointed by President Obama, served as the U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.
Rabbi Saperstein's thoughts about Men of Reform Judaism
View the complete webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3Bd2gqYmaE





Our September 2020 webinar featured Mr. Akiva Tor.
Mr. Tor is "Head, Bureau for World Jewish Affairs
and World Religions" At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel.
His next assignment, begining October 12, 2020, will be as Ambassador.
to South Korea.


In order to provide for the frankest discussion possible, this webinar was not recorded.




Mr. Gill was a webinar guest speaker.
Watch the Zoom webinar here:









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President Portnoy appoints Larry Pepper, Esq. to represent MRJ on the RAC's Amicus Committee.

Serving on the Commission for Social Action (CSA)
Representing MRJ: Steven Portnoy, Robert Himmelstein, Robert Ingrum and Thomas Wiener.

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Statement in Protest of Increasing Limits on Religious Pluralism in Israel

Jewish Men Speak Out About Injustice In Israel

MRJ and FJMC make a statement at the Israeli Embassy

MRJ joins 54 other Jewish Organizations opposing changes to the Johnson Amendment

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MRJ statement on Sexual Harassment

Our Jewish heritage and values are precisely why we must speak out, and condemn as abhorrent, the allegations of sexual harassment and abuse as reported by The New York Times.
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