February is National Heart Month

A suggestion for a heart friendly program

A suggestion for a heart friendly program

Set up a heart disease information workshop for your congregation.  Below is a suggested letter to the congregation.  Check out our Tikkun page for more information.

Dear Congregant: 

As one of the leading killers in the United States, heart disease affects all of us.  Too often the symptoms of heart disease are ignored, until they result in heart attack or stroke.  Learning to manage heart disease can minimize and perhaps even eliminate its impact  The Men of Reform Judaism has a program, Men’s Health Initiatives, to educate men about the health risks they face, and how to take care of their health.  Temple--------- Brotherhood/Men’s Club, an MRJ affiliate has joined with MRJ in its commitment to providing this valuable service to our members.  On Wednesday evening, (date) at 8:00 PM, --------Brotherhood/Men’s Club will present a Heart Disease Workshop.  ------------, a cardiologist will be the guest speaker.  He will talk about identifying heart disease in our lives, and learning how to manage it.  In addition, he will offer some helpful hints on reducing your risk for heart disease.  Participants will receive MRJ’s Heart Disease Information Kit, which includes a list of early warning signs, techniques on reducing your risk for heart disease, information pamphlets and resources.  We hope you will make every effort to attend this important program.  Make sure you attend this important workshop!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Brotherhood/Men’s Club President