Men's Seder

Men's Personal Power Seder

The Beth El (Boca Raton) Brotherhood thanks everyone who participated in the men's personal power seder last Thursday evening.  Each year as our attendance increases, this event becomes one of the cornerstones of our programming.  We thank Rabbi Levin for leading us in discussion as well as Rabbi Weisman and Cantorial Soloist Dermer for taking time to be with us.  

Jewish Sacred Aging

Navigating Life's Challenges and Choices:
As men, we are facing an interesting series of challenges and opportunities as we grow older. So many are transitioning into new life stages as well as dealing with a myriad of family issues. Jewish Sacred Aging is a resource for personal and programmatic responses to many of these issues. We invite you log on and become part of our community or e-mail me for personal response. 
Rabbi Richard F Address, D.Min
Director/Founder: Jewish Sacred Aging.

MRJ Men's Seder

“Where does a contemporary man go to find male bonding? Where does a man go to find a relationship with other men that is not competitive, that is not comparative, and that is not threatening and dehumanizing? We believe that all men can feel safe, accepted, loved, and not judged in a Temple participating in a Men's Seder.” 
The MRJ Men’s Seder™ – A Jewish Men's Journey created by Rabbi Dan Moskovitz and Rabbi Perry Netter. The Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) invites your congregation’s participation in an exciting MRJ project – The Men’s Seder™. Request a complimentary copy from