MRJ Brotherhood Shabbat Service

The MRJ Brotherhood Shabbat Service was created by Mark Lefkowitz z"l to celebrate men's participation in synagogue worship service.

L’Dor va dor


Welcome to Brotherhood Shabbat.

Brotherhood Shabbat is not only an opportunity for us to give something to the congregation. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on who we are and to reflect on the men around us, our sons and our fathers, our nephews and uncles, grandsons and grandfathers; men from many generations..  Shabbat worship has, since the beginning, utilized music as a significant constituent of religious self-expression, and we have used music tonight to connect ourselves to generations past and generations to come.  We have also made a special selection of those musical composers that reflect our brotherhood.


Through worship, and the music historically associated with worship, we give voice to this, and tonight we share that voice with you. Shabbat Shalom.