MRJ Men's Seder

The MRJ Men’s Seder™  

By Rabbi Dan Moskovitz and Rabbi Perry Netter

Why a men's seder?
Where does a contemporary man go to find male bonding? Where does a man go to find a relationship with other men that is not competitive, that is not comparative, and that is not threatening and dehumanizing? …We believe this is the arena and the mandate of religion, to provide an environment where each and every one of us feels safe, accepted, loved and not judged.  We believe that religion is where a man can go and not be evaluated for his material possessions, his notoriety, his romantic conquests, or the power of his biceps. We believe that traditionally, religion was the place where ultimate questions were asked and answered. And we believe that the experience of a male Seder offers the tools to achieve what men need. Read more »

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The Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) invites your congregation’s participation in The MRJ Men’s Seder™. Creating a comfortable and ‘safe’ space for the men of our congregations to explore and celebrate what it means to be a contemporary Jewish man is both critically needed, and, at the same time, challenging! Rabbis Dan Moskovitz and Perry Netter have created just such a ‘space’ using the traditional structure of the Passover Seder.