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MRJ’s On-Line Storytelling Project: Jewish Men… Our Stories   Each of us is on a unique Jewish men’s journey, yet we often share mileposts with other men that have come before us, journey along side us, and with men who will come after us. MRJ’s On-Line Storytelling Project wants to hear from you with short articles (approximately 500 words). We want to give you, our brothers, the opportunity to tell your personal stories, to share with your brothers some of the memorable transformative events in your own lives, both positive and negative. We want you to share your story.

Please submit your story to 
Below are a series of questions. They are meant only as guides to help you begin the process of your sharing your personal story with other men.

  1. Growing up, what member(s) of your family had the most profound influence on your life as a Jewish man? And Why? 
  2. Which male member(s) of your community (non-immediate family members) have had the most influence on you?  
  3. What was your relationship with your father like?  
  4. What resonates with you about Reform Judaism, the Reform Movement? 
  5. What “Transformative” events shaped your life as a Jew? 
  6. Based upon your own life’s experiences, what words of wisdom would you like to share with other Jewish men?  
  7. How has brotherhood shaped your life?