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Voting for Officers and Executive Council members for 2019-2021 was
completed at our convention in Memphis, TN.

Thank you to the nominating committee for 
providing an excellent slate.

Mazel Tov to all those elected.           

MRJ Nominating Committee:

  • Chair and Honorary President Tom Wiener
  • Gary Brock
  • Andy Chait
  • Brian Hatkoff
  • Robert (Bob) Ingrum
  • Tony Perry
  • Irving Shnaider
  • Honorable Ira Warshasky

MRJ OFFICERS 2019-2021


Steven Portnoy

1st Vice President
Rob Himmelstein

Vice Presidents
Gary Brock
Brian Hatkoff
Tony Perry
Stephen Sherman

Paul Cohen
Assistant Treasurers
Andy Chait
Dan Checkman

Larry Pepper
Assistant Secretary(s)
Larry Krasnoff
Alan Moskoff





Aaron Bloom, Gary Brock, Andy Chait,
Dan Checkman, Paul Cohen, Buzz Deitchman,
Michael Fein, Brian Hatkoff, Robert Himmelstein,
Robert Ingrum, Andrew Johnson, Michael Kaplan,
Ken Keenan, Stuart Leviton, Alan Moskoff,
Ken Moskowitz, Charlie Niederman, Larry Pepper,
Tony Perry, Steven Portnoy, Alan Rosen,
David Schuster,  John Shalett,
Stephen Sherman, Irving Shnaider, Ira Warshawsky,
Steve Weintraub, and Tom Wiener.

Man of the Year West

Front row, left to right: Michael Bell, Temple Beth Tikvah, Fullerton, CA; Sean DeVore, Temple Beth Hillel, Valley Village, CA; Al Geller, Temple Beth Torah, Ventura, CA; Gregory Halprin, Congregation B'nai Tzedek, Fountain Valley, CA; Harry Hoffman, Jr., Temple Beth Israel, Pomona, CA; Don Kessler, Temple Beth Ohr, La Mirada, CA and Scott Telford, Temple Beth David, Westminster, CA
Back Row, left to right: Stephen Sherman, Vice President, MRJ and MRJ-West; Art Hess, Treasurer, MRJ-West; Roger Lowe, Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA;Steven Portnoy, President MRJ; Arnold Shugarman, Temple Beth Sholom, Santa Ana, CA; Benny Sommerfeld, President, Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Western Region; Charlie Niederman, Secretary, MRJ-West and EC, MRJ; Brian Hatkoff, President, MRJ-West and Vice President, MRJ; and Mark Singer, Past President, MRJ-West

URJ’s Tent is a collection of web-based tools to provide communication, collaboration and resources to either an open or restricted audience. As we try to engage and connect all the men of Reform Judaism our participation in the Tent will be to be open to all, not just men affiliated in whatever way to MRJ.The Tent also has capability to share resources. 

The Tent utilizes Yammer, a modern, perhaps more technically acceptable solution to the old list serve concept. With a concept similar to LinkedIn, Yammer is social software used for private communication within organizations. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user's internet domain so that only individuals with appropriate email addresses may join their respective networks. Much like Shamash people are required to sign up for access to Yammer, but only once.