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Reform on Campus

The mission of the MRJ Reform on Campus program is:

"To assist students in creating meaningful Reform Jewish experiences on campus that will lead them to being active and involved Reform Jews for life.”

The Reform on Campus (ROC) Grant, offered by the Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ), supports and encourages building Reform Jewish community on college and university campuses across the United States, Canada and worldwide. Grants may not be used for individual funding. Advertising for events must recognize Men of Reform Judaism and Reform On Campus as sponsors.  Grants are available up to $400.00 for a one time event where there is financial support beyond Reform On Campus. Grants are available up to $650.00 for a series of event(s) where there is financial support beyond Reform On Campus. Please note the updated amounts you may apply for.
Before submitting your proposal, please be sure to clealrly describe the Reform Judaic values of the program. Please be sure your budget accurately depicts TOTAL expenses and income.
Grants must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event.

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The creativity, enthusiasm and boundless energy of students is a great source of pride and hope for the future.





At Muhlenberg College Hillel we are grateful for the support of Men of Reform Judaism through Reform on Campus Grants.  We fundraise our entire budget and with over 600 Jewish students on campus, it has been challenging to fund all of the initiatives that our student leaders dream up. MRJ's ROC Grants have enabled us to amazing and impactful programming on campus.  We brought a Reform rabbi to campus to teach about the ethics about what we eat and about the Jewish history of chocolate.  It was a wonderful event- made possible by MRJ's ROC Grant.  The ROC Grant process is straight-forward and accessible, enabling our Hillel staff to focus on working with students.  Thank you Men of Reform Judaism for your support!




Men of Reform Judaism – West

Twentieth Annual Man of the Year Dinner

March 10th, 2018 – 24 Adar, 5778




Front row, left to right: Michael Bell, Temple Beth Tikvah, Fullerton, CA; Sean DeVore, Temple Beth Hillel, Valley Village, CA; Al Geller, Temple Beth Torah, Ventura, CA; Gregory Halprin, Congregation B'nai Tzedek, Fountain Valley, CA; Harry Hoffman, Jr., Temple Beth Israel, Pomona, CA; Don Kessler, Temple Beth Ohr, La Mirada, CA and Scott Telford, Temple Beth David, Westminster, CA

Back Row, left to right: Stephen Sherman, Vice President, MRJ and MRJ-West; Art Hess, Treasurer, MRJ-West; Roger Lowe, Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA;Steven Portnoy, President MRJ; Arnold Shugarman, Temple Beth Sholom, Santa Ana, CA; Benny Sommerfeld, President, Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Western Region; Charlie Niederman, Secretary, MRJ-West; Brian Hatkoff, Predibent, MRJ-West and Mark Singer, Past President, MRJ-West

ROC Awards


Hampshire College

Dear Steve and all the MRJ,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Hampshire College Jewish Student Union.  The students wanted to thank you so much for the generous grant you made to them to help support Jewish life on campus, by helping us to expand our library and providing funds to visit local synagogues and Jewish programs off campus.
Your grant is meaningful to the students for several reasons.
First, Hampshire is a small school with limited resources.  While there are Jewish services happening around the valley in other locations, it takes so much time to get there by bus, that students tend not to leave campus.  Now that we can hire a student to drive students to synagogues, it will make it much easier and more fun to attend.  We are calling it a shul sampler.
Second, our library is somewhat out of date and there are many books that students want to purchase to help them in planning services, planning seder, cooking Jewish foods, learning Jewish music.  Your grant will help us start to build our library.
Lastly, being a Jewish student is not easy, especially one that publicly identifies that way.  College culture has become increasingly politically correct--more so over the last couple years, and Jewish students are often put in uncomfortable positions by their peers.  Your generous grant makes a statement that you care about them, and that is really meaningful to the students.

Thankyou again for your generosity and kindness.
BEST wishes,
Rabbi Ellen Bernstein

Ohio State University – Pink Awareness Shabbat
Above and beyond the normal Shabbat and week to week activities, this special Shabbat will feature the issues surrounding breast cancer.  Members of the Reform Minyan lead Kiddush, Motzi and Birkat Hamazon.

Kennesaw State University – Dinner & Skating for Reform Jewish Students
As stated, the goal of this program is promote Reform Jewish student community in a casual, inclusive, fun and memorable social outing.  Following dinner, dessert, prayers and singing, the students will travel together to the Ice Forum near the school.
To be continued ……………….