MRJ Vision_Mission

Vision / Mission
Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) has been organized to:

Promote the establishment of affiliated brotherhoods and other local organized men’s groups in congregations affiliated with URJ;
Stimulate men’s fellowship, interest in Jewish worship, Jewish studies, tikkun olam, and service to the congregation, Jewish Community and the Community at large;

These are the Guiding Principles of organized groups affiliated with MRJ. We are committed to:

Meeting the social and spiritual needs of our brothers. We recognize our diversity. Some of us are young and some old. Some of us are straight, others gay. Some of us are gifted with intellectual abilities; others are blessed with physical or artistic talents. Some of us are rich and some are poor. Some of us were born Jewish, others have become Jews. With all our diversity, we are brothers.
Transmitting our religious values to future generations. As biological or adoptive fathers and as teachers in our community, we fulfill the ancient commandment”…you shall teach them to your children.” We seek to teach future generations of Jews through our words and our deeds.
Fulfilling the ethical and ritual mitzvot of Judaism. We search for ways to express our uniquely masculine spirituality through meaningful rituals, both ancient and contemporary.The pursuit of knowledge of Torah. We study the ancient and modern teachers of our faith. We make the teachings of Judaism the foundation of our moral being. 
Supporting the Jewish State of Israel and our fellow Jews around the world.
Sponsoring and promoting the "Jewish Chautauqua Society," sometimes herein referred to as JCS. JCS provides knowledge and education about Jews and Judaism, brings about an appreciation of the Jewish people, their history, religion, and culture, and builds bridges of understanding between peoples of all faiths and cultures.